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    Is it still necessary to take iOS5 into account? I know it’s not that easy to change Android versions but does it come naturally with an Apple device – do people generally update regularly?

    Undoubtedly iOS5 it quite limited, especially with JavaScript. Drawing the line at iOS6 seems logical but I’m not sure many of these OSes are still around, ease-of-updating-wise…

    It seems iOS7 was about the limit for an Iphone4.

    This also influences the decision what kind of older Apple thingy to aim for, not having anything around is quite limiting when it comes to testing. So I’m trying to get informed as much as possible before possibly choosing.

    Anyone shedding some light is thankfully welcomed beforehand.


    I found this blog that has some data about iOS usage rates… apparently the data is taken from the author’s audio book applications, so I don’t know how relevant it is for you, but maybe it will help?


    Thanks, that reveals some good info. Conclusion (with some additional reading) seems to be that iOS5 support is only needed for first gen iPad. And people apparently update their OS regularly on Apple gadgets, more so than with Android.

    Edit – more subtle statistics than I thought at first, it’ll help a lot with choosing a device for testing purposes…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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