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    I am coding a site right now using dreamweaver. I like using dreamweaver to see how things come out in the visual editor. Sometimes things work well in the visual editor, other times they look funky. I just coded the navigation for the site I am working on and I noticed that the last link in the list was wrapping down under the horizontal navigation even though I did not put a width rule on the ul. It looked fine in the browsers. So I decided to set a min-width rule to the ul and now in the visual editor of dreamweaver things look good. I was just wondering what you guys thought. Is it a good practice to set a minimum width to things when you don’t really need to set the actual width at all?


    It sounds like you’re developing for x-amount of browsers + for dreamweaver. You’ll probably end up with quite a few headaches while trying to make it /also/ work in dreamweaver. It will also add to code bloat.

    If you want to continue doing that, by all means, go ahead :p – but I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. Get used to using an awesome text editor, like sublimetext2. I use ALT + TAB to switch between the editor and the browser. It’s really just as quick as it is in Dreamweaver to click on the visual tab. You may use split-view in dreamweaver… I sometimes split-view with a normal text editor and browser. Make half the screen the editor and the other half the browser. If you use linux or OSx, you could also have the browser in 1 workspace and the editor in another. I do all of those.


    +1 to everything @jamy_za said.


    @cybershot – DW has suited me for most things but I feel it is sometimes limited when using the wysiwyg because it does not always give you the most accurate visual representation. I found this to a particular problem when creating a WordPress site but the alternative is simply use the selected browsers to render the code, rather than the wysiwyg. I think it is a good idea to learn sublimetext as well.


    I shall repeat!

    Never, ever use DW’s Visual Mode as a way to do anything except modify text. It is not going to give you a proper representation of how browsers will render your code.


    not to sound mean, but did you read any of the replies in this post. Everyone is helping you and you refuse to listen.



    You should not look at it at all, it is a waste of time. Why? It will not help you making things look right in Dreamweaver because no one uses Dreamweaver visual editor to browse the web.

    And this:

    The reason no one answered your question was the fact that it was made moot by the point that you are only using it to make things look ok in Dreamweaver visual editor.


    We’re saying you shouldn’t add extra code to make something work in DW’s visual editor. I’m not saying it’s not useful, I’m saying you shouldn’t waste your time fixing things for it.

    It is never, ever going to be 100% accurate – so why bother relying on it?


    I understand it – it’s super quick and easy to check. I prefer just whipping to my browser and refreshing the page. Or, if you use a Mac you can give this a try:

    I can’t believe I haven’t set it up yet, actually!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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