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    Hi everybody, this is not a css-question, but therefore I posted it in other discussions. I was thinking about meta-tags and was wondering which tags you all use. I got a whole list, but maybe it’s too much? Or are there some you definetly must use? These are mine:


    What do you think of it? My own opinion now is that ‘robots’ maybe is unnecessary, because "index, follow" isn’t that what the robots are used to do?

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    I actually almost never use any meta tags other than content type to set the character set. Of the ones that you’ve listed, the ones I see as the most useless are the copyright and the robots ones. If you have specific directions you want search bots to follow, I think you’ll have much more luck with a robots.txt file.

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    I use these every site pretty much:


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    Amongst others (but not many) I do use the description meta tag – many search engines still use it to provide the description of the search result. Very handy. Although far less used than a few years ago, it doesn’t hurt to use the keywords meta.

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    And what do you think of <html lang="nl"> or <meta name="language" content="NL" /> ?
    Is it a good thing to define the language?

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