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    Hi, I am using two divs to create a menu navigation system, with sub menus. The main horizontal menu is named "main" while the sub menu is named "sub". All data for the sub menu will be appended to the html for the sub menu. How is it possible for me to align different sub menu(s) based on the position of the element in the associated main menu? Can I get the position of the main menu and align it to the sub menu? :lol:

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    I think when you "append" the sub menu to the HTML, you should do it inside the original menu item. That way the original menu item will just expand vertically to fit the sub menu and it will be "aligned". This example is starting to age a bit and I see a little bug in FF3, but the concept is there:

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    How do I set a fixed width and height for the main menu? Is it possible to center the main menu to the center of a page, irregardless of the browser size? :)

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