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    Hi all guys!

    I need a help, I have this website:

    A you can see I have CENTERED the TOP NAVIGATION MENU because I can’t accomplish one task: always make the menu as large as his container width (which is the website width, too).

    Now: I can’t use CSS to do this because this is a RESPONSIVE WordPress template I have to reproduce many times, so I think I always need to calculate the exact width of the button with javascript.

    In fact I have 7 sites that will use this template (but with different name buttons, and number of buttons), plus every site has 2 languages (german and italian, with different word lengths). So it’s impossible to make a personalized solution for every single website.

    I hope I have been clear, and forgive my english!


    ps: If you have different graphical solutions, they are welcome
    pps: I hope the solution doesn’t break the RESPONSIVE functionality of the site, so maybe I need also media javascript queries?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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