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    Hello, im new here and i am not a webmaster. I have a small website ( and i build it with a website editor. One of the things my website editor has no good is the navigation menu, so i decided to replace it with a css styled menu. All good, but now i want to add a new menu that only appears in some pages but im facing some problems.

    • the only way i have to add these menus is through a textbox with HTML edition or through a script box that allows HTML, Java, Flash etc. The problem is that when i set the menu, all appears in a kind of box and the submenus can only be seen when scrolling down.

    I there anyway to solve this?

    if not i may try to set all other data inside this box and maybe solve the problem.

    I havent made this yet cause im facing a bigger problem. When i try to use another .css style for this second menu, it seems that each time i open a page where it is inserted, the main menu also gets the same appearance.

    What im trying to do is to set a second menu, that only appears in certain pages, and has a diferent appearance than the main menu (sizes, captions, colors, etc.), without complicate the main menu appearance… but seems impossible!!!

    What can i do?

    There is an example of how i have it set now -> here.

    Once again, and basicaly, i want that one of the 2 menus be smaller, and black instead of red, and if possible, pull the submenus to the front!!!!

    Help please!

    Thank you!


    thanks a lot, it realy helped me…i could do what i wanted…nice help :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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