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    All right, what I meant is this, I have two landing pages, one is the current landing page,
    and the other is a future landing page candidate, (going toward index6.html)

    And I asked about 50 people which one do they like better.
    The majority of ladies say,
    while the majority of men say,

    I have an unsettling feel, neither is good enough (compelling enough).
    it seems all right to ladies but none of them told me, “wow, it’s really nice”, or “I love it”. Personally I think it does not have sufficient info to compel an action.

    most guys say, it has detailed info but none of them say something like “it’s awesome” or to that effect.

    I’m fighting against “designed” template, which may look better, but I doubt it would be unique. Am I nuts?



    **”I have an unsettling feel, neither is good enough (compelling enough).”**

    I think you are right.

    I think you would be much better off buying a cheap template from somewhere like Themeforest and adapting that…if you can.


    > I have to go through the scientific process to nail it.

    Not sure why this should be…you think it’s lacking…it’s your site…change it.

    Simple really


    Are these random men and women? By the way, I think you’re doing a great thing by testing before launching the product.


    If your product is for students, then your target audience for testing should be students.


    Who is more likely to use it? Students, correct? Probably should test for that as well.


    If it makes you feel any better. I’m a woman designer and I like better than the current design. It has a better overall layout, content wise, but I like the current menu better.

    As a side note, using appropriate imagery can go a very long way towards drawing in your audience! Neither of those images on the current site are compelling enough, they are too small and there is too much “dead space” around them.

    For example, the “No” student clearly looks frustrated, but his books are closed and his paper looks blank, so he doesn’t look like he’s even begun. And the “Yes” student looks as frustrated as the “No” student. If she’s using your site’s materials, shouldn’t she look refreshed and successful? At the very least, she should be sitting up straight, engaged and smiling while she’s working on her laptop.

    I recommend looking for images that more effectively communicate the purpose of your site.

    Like this: or

    And this:

    Don’t be afraid to use larger images and text. Hope this helps. =)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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