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    Hello, I am creating this single page as a responsive design test for myself and it looks fine in most browsers and mobile devices (that I’ve checked so far), except for IE / Windows Phone. I’m using IE 11’s Emulation toolbar to simulate a windows phone and there is a horizontal scroll bar that scrolls to a strange blank space appearing on the right side.

    I’ve searched the page for any excess margin or padding but can’t find any. I’ve also tried adding

    html, body {

    But that doesn’t appear to work either. Which is really odd. However it DOES get rid of the space if I add

    html, body {

    But that also collapses the entire page along with the space. Does anyone know what is going wrong?

    I should also add that it appears fine until I get to 10.6″ 1024×768 resolution. That’s when the blank space starts to appear.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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