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    Hello everyone!

    I have a quick question pertaining typography and general design.

    Recently, I was working on my [personal blog]( and decided to switch from the all sans-serif font design to a sans-serif for headers/headlines and serif for blog post text design. As I was looking for fonts to fulfill my goals, I came across a problem/question.

    My question is, how do I match the sans-serif font with the serif font? Is there a technique or is it just blind taste/how well the fonts go with the website?

    Also, I’m not so sure if I posted this in the right category (sorry if I didn’t, there really should be a typography category).


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    I don’t have a formula although there are many websites / blogs offering advice – (top 3 on google)

    However something I’ve been trying recently is working from the `

    ` style up… I used to work `

    ` down but by starting with the paragraph typeface / spacing / size allows you to get a better feel of what’s right for your design / content.

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    Thanks for the links and advice @iknowdavehouse! Generally, I start working from top to bottom, but bottom to top sounds like a good idea…I hope someone has a formula or something to find out pairs though…Maybe @chrisburton? I heard that he’s the typography expert in this forum…

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    Well, this article on Smashing Magazine might have some good hints. When I match I tend to look at what the fonts are based on (time period, foundry, etc), and compare the glyphs side-by-side, as well as comparing the x-height.

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    Thanks for the article and tips @Melindrea…I guess I would just compare the styles, history, and general mood of both fonts.

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