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    Hello! I am trying to make a slider similar to the one that appears on I have tried to rip the site, upload it and reverse tinker with it so I could make a custom version of what I want, but I am getting errors with the content loading and having a nightmare hash problem in the URL. Here is what I have

    I hired a developer to help me with it and he stated they could have it done in a day. 5 days later I have nothing and they will not voluntarily refund my payment. I really needed this done for the guy I am working for, and now that I am behind he is getting rather frustrated.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix the errors so I can play around with it (changing font, images and content… everything on the site will be deleted besides the slider)? Or does anyone know of a similar slider tutorial I can incorporate into the site. Something like Item1 Item2 Item3… and images below sliding and when clicked content shown depending on the image clicked? Basically as close to possible as the actual slider on KFC website?

    Thanks a million, sorry for needing this help I am just in a very rough place right now and trying to figure out how to fix things!


    I might have been a lot easier to use the original plugin sourceā€¦

    Is that the original source?

    The one on KFC functions much differently- having the categories all above, current category font in bold, mouse scroll (or drag on mobile/touch) to cycle the products with all images transparent/faded besides those in current “category” (no opacity), product description revealed on hover over product and content about that product loaded on click.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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