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    Hey guys, I currently study to become a web designer. Just wanted to say I love this web site, I read articles on css-tricks almost every day. I have a big 27″ monitor(nothing special in 2018) and by default text in articles is way too big for me. Many articles also use 2-column layout(like flex and grid guides), which I dislike.

    So I decided to make it better. Here’s a jsfiddle.

    I think it looks better than by default. Css-tricks is one of the very few web sites that I apply custom styles to.

    Here’s the comparison: Default vs Custom


    Well each to their own.

    I hate every iteration of CSS-Tricks when Chris updates it….then I get used to it and when he changes it again, I miss the design I hated only a few months ago.


    One thing I noticed long time ago is that on 27″ 1080p monitor often websites look kinda a little big, because they’re optimized for smaller screens like 20″ 1080p.

    And it made me thinking that everyone optimizes websites for different screen resolutions but never for different pixel sizes. For example, 1 pixel on my monitor is about 0.3113 mm² in size, but then there are 5″ phones with 1080p res, pixels of which are 0.05625 mm² in size, which is ~6 times smaller than on my screen.

    I wonder if people will ever start optimizing websites for different pixel sizes.

    I think css-tricks looks Ok-ish on 17-20″ monitors, because of smaller pixel sizes on these monitors.


    That’s a good thing that you are looking to be a web designer because there is so much scope in this field and I am also a web designer. Well, I am working on a project named in which I have to write some content related to student life change from school to college and I have to do it immediately. Can you please help me with this?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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