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    I am thinking about buying a mac. In all the time i have spent learning web design. I keep noticing that it seems like everyone who makes a web tutorial is using a mac. So I have been thinking that maybe it would be nice to have one to see why everyone seems to use them. I know they have alot of different tools like textmate. tools that you can’t get on a pc. but it is worth buying to see how the other half lives?
    I think this would make a great poll



    u wont regret it IF u are using it for web dev.

    Mac’s are a sucky game / family pc’s.. If u dont do that stuff, its good.


    they aren’t great for gaming because many games don’t come out in a Mac compatible format.


    Don’t forget the lack of Direct X. But apart from that, a Mac is a perfectly good working computer, but it takes a while to get used to (if you didn’t grow up with one) and it has the price of at least two perfectly working computers running Linux/Win.


    Get an Imac – the thing about a mac is all of the componenets are quality parts designed specifically yo work in that system. While its true, a lot of games dont come out in mac platform, you can easily set up parralells to run games on if you want and they run just as well that way, as directly on a windows machine.

    Whoever said you cant do family stuff is way off base. Macs come with ilife which is a suite of products specifically for the novice but with powerful easy to use features for everything from photos to music and video. No pc comes with such software – so add something comparable to the price when comparing.

    With a mac you have a quality product with great support if you ever need it. I havent had any issues with my laptop ( which is running great now for about 3 1/2 years, nor my imac. And I am about to add a Mac Pro to the collection soon.


    Lot of mac fans here :)

    I love a mac as much as the next fangirl/boy but if you’re a gamer and you have a budget or just like Windows (hey it’s not a crime!) I’d say go for a PC!

    I want a mac badly, but I just don’t feel like shelling out nearly 3k+ for the MacBook Pro I want. So I’m getting a nice Dell Studio 15" which with all the upgrades (4 gig of mem, great graphics card, finger print reader, backlit keyboard, etc) for $1200 (I do get a 12% discount, but even without it it’s less than I would pay for the Mac).

    I am comfortable working on a PC, I play A LOT of games (mostly the sims games though ;) ) and I can’t say I hate Dell. So, I’m sticking with a PC for now until I have an extra 3k laying around for a MacBook Pro :D


    100% Apple Mac, they are reliable, fast, efficient and logical, and lastly they just work ;-)


    I have a Macbook to develop, but also an Acer laptop with Windows XP on it for testing all the websites.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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