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    Macbook air doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, you’re correct. But if you really look at Apple’s technology and the technology they include in their products, well, they are far superior to any stock PC in my opinion. Especially the 2011 Macbook Pro’s compared to top market PC notebooks.


    As long as you can custom build your own PC chances are you will get a better (power-wise) system for less than the closest comparable Mac.

    I will have to say you are completely correct about the IPS displays, it definitely brings the pricing closer than what I originally thought.

    I do like OSX, my colleague uses it all the time, he along with every video tutorial I watch makes me furious I don’t have coda.


    What *exactly* does a Mac do better than a Windows PC? Please be specific and don’t just say they work better or are more intuitive.

    As for not having a PC equivalent of the Coda editor, have you tried the XRefresh Firefox plugin?


    It’s all preference man. Either way you will get your work done. I prefer Windows 7. I feel like it’s less clunky and runs better, but that’s just me. A PC is a lot cheaper and you will not be disappointed. :)


    Linux anyone? No? Just me? ok….. :(

    (I actually use windows)


    I would love to use linux, it’s because of adobe that I can’t :(

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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