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    I’m a bit confused … my HP has gone and not sure what to do :roll:
    I mean I can get another PC or MAC but I have never used MAC and it seems to be totally different.
    What advantages MAC has over PC for web designer ?


    Luckily, web design is one of those things that can be done on either platform, and really doesn’t require a lot of fancy or expensive software or hardware.

    However… Seeing how a lot of my favorite applications are Mac only (Coda, Screenflow, Moneywell, Twitterific, etc) I can’t ever see myself switching back to the PC (I switched to the Mac about a year and a half ago after using PC’s all my life). I have found that with a Mac I have less issues due to adware/spyware/instability, and I seem to be more productive. Also, having a Mac means that I can have all my Mac programs and all my Windows programs as well, since I can run Windows too (either via Bootcamp or Parallels/VMWare Fusion). This is especially helpful, since I can easily test on a variety of browsers.

    The Mac may feel different at first, but overall I find it much more intuative to use. Apple does have a lot of introductory videos on their site to help you get set up, and I imagine it wouldn’t take you long to be comfortable. with it.


    I don’t use a Mac but I’ve always wanted to try Coda and Textmate. I’ve seen dozens of screencasts from here, etc where the author has used those two applications / editors and I’m in awe of them. There are quite a few applications that only exist for Mac OS that seem to incredibly useful for web designers / developers.

    If I had the money I would probably get a Mac book pro. Lovely build quality, OS is perfectly fine, amazing applications, Windows XP as well.

    I’m tempted to turn my PC into a hackintosh :roll:


    Thanks for all replays.
    I think I made my mind and I’m getting MacBook Pro :) – hopefully next week

    acialk, there is equivalent of TextMate for windows :arrow:


    milehighdesigner, you right I just went for PC and Mac because every1 understand straight away what I’m talking about.
    I have never used Mac so I,m a bit scared I’ll have to learn again :o
    From what I understand Mac is pretty easy to upgrade (hardware) since they use Intel processor so there is no issue any more on this side – correct me if I’m wrong.

    Design … yes I love it – I don’t like flashy and cheap quality other offer at the moment.


    haven’t read all post so i dont know if anybody has mentioned it before, but you save a shit town of time if you dont need to mess with all the problems you have to deal with on an vista or xp machine.
    And I really know what I’m talking about after 10 years of windows until switching to a mac.

    "Robskiwarrior" wrote:

    Yea, that’s what I use. Since upgrading to Vista I’ve been unable to get the quick text plugin to work, which was the main feature I used. It just seems the notepad++ development scene is dead, especially when it comes to plugins.

    E-texteditor for me was a pain in the butt, I didn’t particularly like the fact that you had to install cygwin. Just seemed bloated and unnecessary.

    Intype had some serious potential. But again, development on that is incredibly slow, grinded to a halt.

    Next step for me, hackintosh !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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