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    k… im going crazy.

    for all the things mac does right, it does some obvious things painfully wrong like tabbing or arrowing through a dialog boxes like "overwrite" "Cancel" etc… i have to mouse all the way to it just to click on the right button. retarded.
    or how about maybe a mouse function that lets the pointer go to the default button in the box. nah..

    anyway. as a new mac user these are some serious annoyances that im dealing with that seriously make me hate mac. If you can’t tell, im not a purist. whatever works is what i like.

    however, as a web programmer, mac is so far doing something so wrong it really makes me want to go back to pc.

    i cant alt+tab between open docs in dreamweaver. so if im in index.html i have to mouse all the way up to the top of the window to click on style.css and be careful, dont close it bc the close button is on each docs tab.

    if anybody knows how to fix this, you’ll save me hours and make my mac life more enjoyable.

    i love this comp, its bad ass.. but come on man. mac is known for simple and user friendly and almost mindless. not alt tabbing through docs in dreamweaver when i can in photoshop is one of the worst things thats happened to my life haha.



    k.. well since nobody apparently knew this here… i just found out on accident.

    if you have say 2 html files and one css file open in dreamweaver.. in pc you can cntrl+tab through them. doesnt work on mac. you just end up indenting the line your on. beyond annoying..

    well to do this in mac its apple+tilde (~)

    hope this is helpful to somebody other than me.

    i like mac a little more today.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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