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    and incorporate Git. I’ve recently been tasked with stabilizing a WordPress multisite on Amazon AWS that uses SVN for version control. It seems there were some issues with how the site was initially set-up for my company and I’d like to correct these errors–and I should say this is all a bit beyond my head, I’m a front-end dev, not a system admin (I’m working with him though to get these changes made).

    We’re a medium-sized business that has several websites currently running on multi-site and are waiting until this instability is cleared up to move our main brand over from Sitefinity to WP.

    I’ve outlined the steps I want to take to shore up WordPress and convert SVN to Git but what I’m a bit shaky on is Amazon EC2 (I don’t have access to the control panel to poke around unfortunately). I believe we are currently using Amazon Linux, which keeps me from cloning the exact environment for a local VM for development purposes–which I’d like to do.

    Are there suggested server set-ups beyond the normal LAMP/LEMP stacks for a moderately visited site that runs tons of marketing and needs to be as rock solid as possible so those marketing buys aren’t being wasted? Any tips on speeding up Amazon too would be appreciated… sometimes our sites can be quite slow to load.

    TL:DR; I’m looking for Amazon EC2 server set-up suggestions for WordPress.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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