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    I’ve tried many ways to run a webcomic on WordPress. I do believe in WordPress as a platform, but I have yet to get the behavior I want from a custom comic post type. My knowledge of custom post types and taxonomy is currently fair, but I’m sure there’s things I can learn….

    Note: I’ve used Comic Easel, ComicPress, MangaPress, and others, and none have this behavior I want.

    Basically, I want a custom post type called ‘Comics’. Inside, there are ‘Issues’. Further inside, each ‘Issue’ can have multiple ‘Comic Pages’.

    So, ‘Comics’ > ‘Issues’ > ‘Pages’.

    I’d also like it to where it understands, when requesting the next page, if at the end of issue 1, it takes you to the first page of issue 2. The Archive of issues shows only the first page, or cover, of each issue as well.

    This final feature is more of a would be nice, but….

    I want it also to be able to set it where one can have an entire issue publish on a single date, or stagger out publication throughout a time period.

    If someone can help me sort of feel out the way to build this custom post type required, I’m sure it can turn into a very well-received plugin…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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