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    Just starting to get into custom CSS and I am having a hard time making something happen on the site I’m putting together on Squarespace.

    Some of my photo descriptions can be lengthy. In the Gallery Grid Block the text is not scrollable. The top bleeds off of the frame upon hover and it cannot be seen. However with the Gallery block in slideshow option the text shows at the bottom and what does not fit can be scrolled up and down to read it.

    I am wishing to display my gallery as a grid, open the thumbnail in lightbox, and have the text be scrollable if it bleeds off of the edge of the frame.

    This seems like it should already be a thing for gallery grid blocks and this small option is turning me away from using Squarespace if I cannot find a way to make it happen. Is it possible?!

    Here are reference links:

    Gallery Grid Block (my desired way to present my gallery): Gallery Slideshow Block (my desired way to have text scroll upon hover):


    It is a little too much to investigate such a large site, but what I can tell is that the effect you desire, is handled by a hover class in CSS (changing opacity from 0 to 1), while the other one is achieved by toggling a class in javascript and therefore also handled by javascript events. So maybe you should find a way to do both the same way.

    Ly Tong

    thanks a lot for your information. i never heard of that.

    Ly Tong

    it is enlightening to know that. i cant believe i am completely in the dark for such a long time

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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