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    Hi all, I built this portfolio site for myself and I am fairly happy with it except for the freelunch page.
    I feel the captions look crowded. Does anyone have any tips? I was thing of using a light grey box with shadow like facebook does with their photo posts, not sure though.


    The biggest thing I notice is that the sidebar does not look FULLY integrated into the rest of the site.


    Hmm, I’m confused about what you mean by integration. Like it just doesn’t look like it belongs? What about at the smaller break-point where it moves to the top, do you think that one might be better?


    I think you need to give everything more space to breathe.

    The items (I don’t really understand what they are, assuming they’re your work) are too close together. You look like you’ve only done 1 huge project instead of a bunch of little ones.

    Using Times New Roman runs the risk of your users thinking you don’t know anything about type design and were lazy. Not exactly good for a creative agency!


    Thansk for the feedback Ed! I think you right about the breathing space, ill increase the margins. Maybe I will add a small description of the work under the photos. Right now if you click the photos you it takes you to the coroflot project page.
    I do like serif fonts and feel they are under used in design these days, though maybe I can find a different one. I come from news print design and Times was big.


    Hmm, I’m confused about what you mean by integration. Like it just doesn’t look like it belongs?

    This absolutely….the sidebar is just “there” you have a colourful main section but the sidebar is just hanging there.

    I would also look to more centering….it’s what people are expecting.


    Nice clean site, with big images when you scroll is good, think if you make the side bar (left) little more considered, might bring the left side of the page together.

    Naturally we read left to right so this is important. Bit of padding around the body copy underneath the logo, might make it breath little better :)


    Awesome, thanks for the tips Cheshire Cat and Paulie_D! Im playing around with some of these ideas in the firefox developer tools now and can see what you mean. The page is comming togeather, increasing the line height, font-size, and tweaking margins and the navigation size is helping it read much better.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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