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looking for plugin

  • # April 20, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Hey all,

    Hoping someone can help me find a plugin for jquery. I’m looking for a plugin that’ll create a fake popup window that acts like a popup browser window. With minimize, maximize and close functions.

    If you log into the Mail demo at Icewarp, then hover over ‘New’ in the top menu and choose ‘Contact’, you’ll see what I’m referring to. Their ‘minimize’ function even goes a step further than what I had in mind, but it’s very nice. At any rate, I like how their popup window looks like a browser popup window and can be expanded and moved around the screen. I also like how it doesn’t add a scrollbar to the bottom of the page if you move it offscreen to the right, and it doesn’t scroll the page down if you try moving it past the bottom of the page (i’m assuming that’s just accomplished with a bounding box)

    Here’s a plug in that does basically what I want but using the prototype library. I’d rather stick with jquery.

    If you know of a plugin similar to what I’m looking for, let me know.

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