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    I just downloaded WordPress yeterday. Pretty cool at a glance. I’m looking forward to getting into it further.

    Naturally, I came here to watch your wordpress screen casts. Very informative. I especially like the link to the starkers template so I can start from scratch instead of fighting the default design.

    Anyway, you use Coda throughout the screen cast and I loved the functionality. I design locally with XAMPP so the uploading feature isn’t a big deal to me but the rest is pretty hot stuff. Just being able to highlight a chunk of code and shifting it left or right would be awesome!

    I keep going back to wordpad because I haven’t found an editor I like yet. Most have so many unneccessary bells and whistles that I find them distracting.

    Can anyone suggest a similar editor for windows?

    Shifting a chunk of code right or left would be at the top of my wish list.
    Keyword highlighting is pretty standard.
    Keyword completion suggestions in a tooptip would be nice as long as it is also disablable.
    Multiple files open in a single instance wold be nice but not critical as long as you can run multiple instances.
    I’d love to do search and replace on tab and paragraph markers (word does, wordpad doesn’t).
    Built in FTP (or preferrably SSL-Secured-FTP or SSH) would be nice but not critical.

    Anyone know of a good candidate?


    been looking for something similar for a while.


    I’m playing around with Notepad++ atm. It has a lot of the features I want but it’s very distracting and I’m not sure why. It may just take a while to get used to the keyword highlighting.

    What really bugs me so far is that when you press HOME it doesn’t take you home. Instead it takes you to the first character in the line (which causes shift-downarrow to not do what you want). Pressing HOME again toggles between the beginning of the line and the first character in the line. I suspect that I could get used to that as well.

    It does, however, have block tab features which I really like.

    All in all it isn’t as finished as Coda looks but I think it may do.


    Just a followup..

    I’m coming to love Notepad++ !

    I changed all the text options to display Courier New 12px. The colors are all much more subdued. They are still informative but no longer distracting. Being a fairly wide, fixed width font makes it easier to align things (I prefer spaces to tabs).

    The Home key issue (going to the first character in a line instead of the beginning) is still very annoying and I can’t find any way to change it. Learning to hit Home twice (to go to the ‘real’ home) every time is bothersome.

    But the Search/Replace in all open files is amazing! That’s quite a time-saver. I tend to forget to put a space before /> in some tags. Now it’s a quick task to search/replace ‘/>‘ -> ‘<space>/>‘ and then ‘<space><space>/>‘ -> ‘<space>/>‘. Now all is good assuming I didn’t forget the ‘/’ in any of those tags.

    The tabs, to select which open file I wanted, used text almost too small to read and the tabs scrolled off to the sides if there were to many. Then I found an option to make the tabs bigger and another to make them wrap to multiple lines instead of scrolling off. I love options!

    I’m spoiled with open source programs where I can go change any functionality I don’t like. I’d love o be able to go fix that silly Home key.

    But other than that, I am becoming very happy with this little editor. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good editor for Windows.


    I have tried Notapad++ too, but still prefer Dreaweaver CS3, mainly so I can glance at the design quickly while building the basics of a site.

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