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    Hi there! I currently have a blog about gaming (in English). Although I’m from the Netherlands, I’ve noticed visitors come mostly from the USA. The blog is hosted in the Netherlands, but I’m thinking it makes more sense to host it in the USA, to make it a little quicker. As you might have guessed, I know almost nothing about USA/international webhosts. So what are good webhosts with an affordable down to earth plan (we’re not talking 1000’s of visitors)? I’ve looked at GoDaddy and I am considering the 4,99 plan (which price-wise is sort of the maximum), but are there other solid options?

    Chris Enloe

    Places that have seemed to be fair, and offer good service, are Just Host (, and Blue Host (


    Thanks for the responses so far! Just a few questions: when looking around, I saw some recommendations for, are they any good? I don’t like the look of their site, but looks can be deceiving of course.

    And betzster, is your personal site hosted on GoDaddy? Satisfied apparently? I’m tempted to just pull the trigger on it, don’t feel like waiting lol! Oh, you’re correct about WordPress.


    I know friends who have had massive problems with GoDaddy. This site is hosted on Media Temple ( and I host all mine, for free, on It does have premium hosting plans, which I’ve never needed, but you might. I’ve been with them for two years and have had no issues.

    Hope this helps!


    Stay away from Justhost unless you enjoy glacially slow service. Their support is basically non-existent. I switched to MediaTemple and am very happy with it so far. I’ve also heard good things about GoDaddy’s support.


    Thanks guys! I went with GoDaddy. Also dealt with e-mailsupport already, I had a question about the ad-credit you get when you buy hosting. First response was simply quoting their own FAQ, to which I replied that I knew that already and I rephrased the question. Then I got a helpful response. So it seems the support is good or at least sufficient. Speed of the site seems fine as well.


    Try Mediatemple. They offer a good support service and their servers won’t go down. It is 6 years that my website are hosted in their servers.
    Good lack.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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