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    I’ve written a tidy volunteer sign up form (CSS3, HTML5, PHP, jquery) for our annual rugby tournament. Each day is broken into several 3 hour shifts, with a certain number of volunteers needed for each shift.

    To prevent a shift from being oversubscribed, before I list the shift offerings I’d like to only list those that have > 0 openings. Then after the volunteer selects their shift, I’d like to go back in and reduce the selected shift need by 1.

    So I’m looking for a very simple js or jquery inventory reduction plugin… but can’t find any. Can anyone point me towards one?

    Thank you


    Strikes me you need to be looking to PHP for that. You need to be referring to shift subscription numbers that are stored server side. So you need those numbers to be stored most likely in a database, or at the bare minimum in a file that is updated server side.

    Any flavor of javascript/jquery is only going to be useful with the counterpart of some php that is writing/reading those values from your server. Your jquery can help with looking up the numbers and performing ajax requests to update and refresh, but you will need php to perform the actual data storage tasks.


    You are absolutely correct and I do have the PHP functions written. But I was hoping to find a nice little plugin that I guessed would be wrapped in a js/jq script so I started here. Thank you for your response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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