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    Hi everyone,

    I know is holiday time, but if any of you find a little bit of time, I would appreciate a little feedback on my new website that I’ve built thanks in part to the video screencasts that Chris kindly provide for us. Thanks Chris!


    Kill the splash page, it serves no purpose.

    You should really have "Portfolio" or "Samples" in the main navigation. I had no idea that I was suppose to click on the thumbnails below the huge image until I accidentally hovered over one.

    That is a huuuge header! I’m not sure the white space serves much purchase. I run dual 19" monitors here at work, and I wasn’t able to see the thumbnails at the bottom without scrolling. I’ve never been much of a "keep everything above the fold" kind of guy, but the header + big image on the home page is taking up lots of space.

    The navigation itself looks a touch dated, and I’m not sure about the green color. You’ve got some blacks and greys, some red in the logo, I think red on the nav would look good too.

    Pull back the opacity on the drop shadow around your wrapper. It should be veeerrryy faint, not so dark.

    The client login area… there is no login! haha

    The links area… I’m assuming this isn’t done yet.

    On the About page, the text sort of blends into the background a bit. If the background was, say, a rouge, and the text was much brighter (something very close to white), it would be much more readable.

    I have written more than I intended! Hopefully some of it is useful!


    Thanks for the feedback Doc, I will take everything into consideration.
    And yes, the client tab and links tab are still in the works.

    P.S. Looking for more feedback, thanks.


    I agree with everything that Doc has said but I will add a couple of items as well..

    On the flash page – the words are a bit rasterized those rough edges are a pet peeve of mine. Also on the front page logo it says agreedesign with a tag line about Graphics – Photo – Web and More – but when you get to the "main" page it switches to agreedphoto.

    How do I get to agreeweb, agreegraphics and agreemore?

    I would consider having one landing page for all 4 and title it AgreeDesign and have links there to the Graphics-Photo-Web and more. Also put some text there. I am no SEO expert but with NO text on the page with the exception of ALT tags and possibly titles and navigation I think you will have a difficult time getting ranked.

    The site is a good start and your photography is amazing.. keep us informed how it progresses.



    Thanks Kmist for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

    And your right about not being able to access the design part of it. That part is currently in the works. I’m planning on just diving up the site in two parts, one of purely Photo and the other of Design work just to keep it simple. That will be the purpose of my splash page. It will read ARRGEEDESIGN and underneath, ENTER will b replaced with two links side by side; DESIGN | PHOTO. Once again thank you for your feedback and for your comments in regards to my photography, I’m glad you like it.


    1. Landing/enter pages annoy me, what on earth is the point? Just get the viewer straight on to your site.
    2. The navigation tabs overspill outside the div (Safari)
    3. The header does not match the rest of the site
    4. I only really like the gallery im afraid


    Thanks again for the critique…

    @ hippy: yea the splash page doesn’t have a purpose yet, but it will eventually work as a gateway to the Photo half of the website and the design half which is currently in the works.

    also based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten and my personal view, I’m also working on developing a whole new navigation menu. It does seem a lil primitive and I haven’t been able to solve the problem in Safari…

    Looking forward to more critiques, thanks…

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