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    I need some people to tell me if they like my new logo or not.
    here it is [Logo]( “Logo”)
    It looks a little blurry on there for some reason but ya’ll get the general idea.


    I would recommend browsing through here:

    It’ll help you get some ideas.


    I would highly recommend not giving in to temptation and copy someone else’s logo. A few people I follow on Twitter/Instagram have said their work has been ripped from that site.


    In my opinion, there is too much going on with what you currently have. Try simplifying the core elements.

    Have you tried sketching out a whole heaps of ideas? Like 50-100? That will help you find what does and doesn’t work.


    I agree. I would simplify. But also get a concept. When I see that logo, I think of the movie Cocktail – it looks like a bar or even worse, a strip club.

    So simplifying is a goal, but you want to start with a concept. You can ask these questions:
    1. What is CDC web design about?
    2. What are the values
    3. What are the differentiators – whats different about you
    4. How do you want to position yourself/company

    Write down the adjectives that pop out of those questions and this will give you a general idea of what to shoot for.

    Here’s what you should shoot for:
    Your brand should be clear and easy to grasp. Your current logo has too much going on – too many fonts, colours and effects and it is not cohesive. Work on a logo that when you look at, you see it in its entirety in a second. Your should not have to process it. Your eyes should have to dart in all directions to take it in.

    To sum it up: adjectives, concept/message, simple, one font, NO effects. Let’s se what you can come up with!


    @conradical “too many fonts”? I see two. Mine has more than that.

    Simply put, the logo is outdated by 30 years but we’ve all been there. Personal identity is much harder to do than for a client. You’re rarely ever satisfied. If you’re going to use typefaces for your logo, I suggest learning about how to distinguish bad type from good type. From there you can learn how to compliment styles. Also, there’s really no need to go all out and create some crazy graphical logo if it’s only going on your site. A simple typeface would do.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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