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    Hey every one I just got finished working on a website for a local non profit medial clinic. I have only been working as a web designer for the last six months and I am self taught so a community like this is a treasure trove of knowledge.

    Certain pages such as the providers page has a weird loading issue, such as the page below.

    It looks as though the HTML loads right before the CSS and all the elements appear without a style sheet for about half a second. My client has some issues with this. Does anyone have any ideas why certain pages do this? I appreciate any input.


    By the way this issue seems to only occur in firefox.


    It’s normal that as a page loads, you may see an element unstyled for a moment before the relevant CSS loads. The lighter the page load, obviously, the less that’s an issue.

    Your big issue is that you have a background image behind the content that is nearly 1MB, which is way too big. Converting it to a compressed JPG, I got the image file size down to about 60K with no noticeable degradation in quality. Likewise, if you better optimize the header photos, you can easily halve their file size. Fix those and your load time will go down abut 75%, and you should see a vast improvement in your loading issue.


    DBOG has the answer. This is the culprit.

    It’s just too damn heavy.

    Also, get rid of the tables for the profile pictures. You can go with a float left on image and text and then the text nicely on the right. Use a class that wraps everything so you just repeat-x amount of times.


    Thanks you guys!! I will make changes to the site.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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