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    hi guys,

    been working on this website, and right at the bottom i have the contact form. in chrome it shows this little white box around it. in firefox it looks fine.

    does anybody know what code i need to put in to remove the white box in chrome?

    thanks in advance for your help :)


    Very interesting, and frustrating!

    I couldn’t solve it, which confuses me greatly. Hopefully somebody else can take a look!


    You’re using type="image" in your input element, but you don’t declare an src="....", which is needed for an input of type “image”.

    Either use (if you declare the arrow image as a background in the CSS), or .

    (Don't forget to use border:0; in your CSS if you use the button option. Actually, do that anyways, just to make sure!)


    The issue is with the input type. Replace type="image" with type="button" and then declare border: none; in the CSS.

    EDIT: Yay for not reloading. @Senff has said the exact thing that I have without me realizing.


    @kgscott284 – unfortunately that won’t work in this case.


    I know this an old issue/thread.

    I have a white box, slight opaque depending on what ever background colour its on.

    Its about 16px square, and it appears sporadically in Chrome, and is in a position related only to divs (top left).

    The box actually doesn’t exist, you cant inspect it. It disapears if you start modifying css via the dom but then appears again.

    Did you ever resolve this issue?



    Joshmoto, I am having the exact same issue and in an application where the code has not changed in some time. I am wondering if it has to do with the latest Chrome update?


    Well it’s not appearing today but it did appear yesterday so I’m sure it’s not solved yet.

    I hate it when there unexplainable bugs. But perhaps it is a chrome issue.

    Don’t suppose your using slick slider?


    It does the same for me, appears and disappears seemingly at random! It does usually appear near a button or input field, I think there might be a connection there. When you scroll it disappears again. I am using the latest version of Chrome and developing on the Aura Framework for Salesforce Lightning. I wish I could consistently reproduce it but the fact that I cannot, nor can I inspect it, makes me suspect it to be a browser issue.


    Hi guys. This worked for me if anyone still wants to try and fix it.


    border:0 none !important;
    background-color: transparent !important;

    use both or just background should work but make sure to add !important. Fixed my custom PayPal buttons which has the white background instead of the transparent back.

    Hope it helps.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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