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Listify, Convert Raw Text To HTML Elements

  • # August 29, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Hey Everyone,

    I have just started with code igniter and thought of creating a basic app. Hence, launched my first online tool/service. I got this idea when I was working on the one of my projects. It required me to insert the names of all the countries in the landing page of the site. To do that, I had to insert all the names within a <select> tag. You can very well understand the kind of time that would have been wasted doing it manually. So I went ahead and wrote a short piece of code in C, which would accept a text file with the country names and generate another text file with the <select> tags appended to the names.

    What this tool does is it allows you to convert raw text to html’s ‘list’ or ‘option’ elements by choosing various options like delimiter, type of lists and ignoring digits. Its nothing great but it can be helpful sometimes I think? Here is the link

    This place has always been supportive to me so once again would love to hear some feedback from you guys :)

    ~ Sumeet

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