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    I have never been formally trained in PHP. In nearly 9 years of continually having some type of website or other online, I have continually avoided it, seeing it as a time-suck. Which it certainly can be.

    But the advent of the CMS and the pervasion of the internet… CMS is gold. CMS is good.

    My CMS has been up for a couple of years. We get good traffic, we’re sort of popular for a literary-focused magazine. But our layout absolutely sucks. It’s built on Joomla.

    I considered hiring someone, but decided against it. I made the time, and I’ve begun building the new template. You can see the progress here, if you like.

    In doing this, I’ve started by attempting to solve all the maddening things that have been plaguing us for years. I’ve gotten a number of them knocked down. Actually, in 20 something hours, I’d say I’m almost ready to get it up and running. But that’s beside the point.

    What the problem here is that I cannot force this list to order in this way: author, category, date. I want to do it so that it will say “by Author in Category on Date.” I’ve already figured out the rest of the code for this to work, but I need the list to exist. I’ve been working on this problem for about three hours, intermittently, and have found no relief. There is no true lay guide to PHP; indeed, there are things the developers “cannot document” because they’re specific. This sounds a lot like an Urdu Dialect.

    No, not really. It’s begun to make more sense. I had the thought that someone could get pretty rich if they invented a PHP translator. That is, it reads the PHP out to you, in its own words. Then you’d be able to identify your logical errors. It’d probably expediate some people’s coding.

    But I’m all about display/design, how to get things to look right. I sacrifice everything in the pursuit.

    The following is the code that’s driving me nuts, the entire section (I’ve omitted the parts I don’t intend to use — the other parameters — please let me know if you think this was a dangerous move), and here is a page I’d like to see it render properly on. I want that thing to say “by Administrator in Sample Data-Articles on Wed, 20 July 2011.”

    Thank you so much for your time. I know questions like mine are annoying and usually it’s just that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, I admit it: I don’t. So please help me, and it’d be nice of you to include any other information that came to mind, other things I might like to know at this stage of the voyage. After I successfully get GwI into the 21st century, I’d like to do more with PHP. Now that I’ve forced myself to get started, that is.

    Take care!

    [email protected]

    	item->event->beforeDisplayContent; ?>

    get('show_author')) && ($params->get('show_category'))
    && ($params->get('show_create_date')); ?>


    Ordering is usually done in data layer(i.e in a db query). Don’t know much about Joomla. If you need to get it done with Joomla, it’s better to get help from the community.

    There might be some better way that comes designer friendly: Template Engine.

    You can try Twig, or Smarty.


    I’ve scoured all of their million forums. This is really a simple problem.

    Is there a way that I can make the statement being made without all the jargon? The parameters exist outside of the file.

    In HTML, for instance, I can say

    by Paul Madore 

    Is there a way I can call that information and just make it as a statement? I want to call the parameters into question into a statement. They only have to vary by the document.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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