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    Hey guys,

    Hope everyone is good. I’m currently trying to fix the above layout to work properly on IE. It renders find on chrome, and firefox, but for some reason internet explorer messes up the layout.

    I apologise in advanced for what is probably very messy code. Any suggestions are most welcome.

    Thank you as always.



    Well, indeed, the code is very messy — no offense. I don’t understand why you’re using listitems (and not divs) to divide that block into two columns, or why you wrap the contents of the listitems in spans, or why the form is made in a table, etc. etc.

    I suggest you clean things up a little bit and use a standard (block-level) DIV (instead of an inline LI containing a SPAN that contains a DIV that contains another list) and not overcomplicate things.

    If, for any reason, you don’t have control over the markup code, it may help to use display:block; and/or float:left; on some elements instead of display:inline;, that may help you to position and size them a little better.


    Thanks for your response. No idea how it got so messed up in the first place. Took your advice and started from scratch, and it ended up working itself out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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