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    My href links are usually numerical, using RVSitebuilder (i.e. 12345.php). On the live site, the page title appears in place of the numbers, the same as the URL address bar. But with the include file, the links remain numerical and do not work.

    Do I need to add something to the ‘include’ file to fix this? The link below shows what I mean. The button on top right, “Service Areas”, contains the links from the include file.—Amelia-Court-House%2C-VA—Jetersville%2C-VA.php


    is this spam?


    >But with the include file, the links remain numerical and do not work.

    The links you’re talking about are hexadecimal (they look like an md5 hash, but I don’t know for sure). Unless you have webpages with those hashes as filenames, then **yes**, the links would be broken.

    As @chrisburton alluded to, your post borders on being nonsensical. After reading it several times, I have no clue as to what you are trying to do, or what you expect to accomplish. If you need help with something, you need to:

    **1)** describe your problem clearly and concisely. More details = more better.

    **2)** share the code that is not behaving as expected. Unless the problem code is very short, it is best to **not post it here**: make a [pastebin]( or a [gist on github](

    **3)** explain what you expect the code to do. Include any details of how you expect this to happen (e.g., arguments you pass to functions, etc.).

    **4)** explain what is happening instead. Include any “wrong” output and error messages (**make sure** you have error reporting enabled).


    @chrisburton and @traq, My apologies.

    I moved the list items in my “service areas” to a separate file, and added
    in its place. I have this same list on many pages.

    The href’s on the original list look identical to the ones on the new file (I use RVSitebuilder), until they are published. The original href’s “inherit” their page name automatically when the site is republished, but the href’s on my new file don’t.


    I don’t know what “RVSitebuilder” is, but it sounds like it’s doing some pre-processing on your pages. Maybe it isn’t aware of your included page?


    RVSitebuilder seems to be a cPanel add-on – not particularly impressive, and badly translated.

    , I would recommend contacting your web host for support first. If you can’t get what you need from them, try the [RVSitebuilder support site](

    I doubt anyone here would be able to help, since the source code is not available for us to inspect and troubleshoot. Likewise, we don’t even have access to the program itself (unless someone _happens_ to have a hosting account that also offers this software).


    Thanks to all of you for your help. I will do as suggested and contact my host, and if needed, RVSitebuilder support.

    RV came with my Cpanel, and uses templates to help build the site. The problem is I’m having to find ways to override their “features” to make desired changes to my site. Some changes don’t fall into their program’s parameters, evidently like include file, and don’t work.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge to locate and fix the problem. I wish I knew more, but for now I’m designing on an “as learned” basis. Again, thanks for the advice. Perhaps classes are in the near future for me:)

    Happy Father’s Day to all who are Fathers!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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