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    Hi guys! anyone knows a technique how can I link/ include / use premium fonts from typekit? I have this website that uses a font called Meta Web Pro but when I try to look it up in the web, it has a payment. I can’t use it for free. Did they use a hack for this? **Because I’m trying to understand how did the last web developer able to use the font.** Here’s some hint from the code source:

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    Yeah, no one is going to help you with this.


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    @chrisburton @thedoc @paulie_d @Jamy_za
    Solved the problem myself. I wasn’t looking for any hack. I was just trying to understand how typekit works. This website that I was talking about has been passed to me by the client them self. They were not the ones who are paying for typekit, I really don’t have an idea how did the first developer able to use fonts from typekit till I figured out that they are the ones paying and had registered the website. I found the javascript code and applied it to all the other webpages that I added to the subject website. I have a job, I am a beginner web developer and I am exploring and asking to learn more. Thank you.

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    My apologies for misunderstanding your problem. Initially it sounded like you were trying to obtain a “hack” to use premium fonts from Typekit for free.

    In the future, Typekit is solely based on Javascript loading the webfont. They do not provide the encoded CSS to the user. Glad you solved your own problem.

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