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    I’m aware that IE conditional comments allow CSS files and JS files to be linked/targeted, however, I’m wondering if the same can be done for a simple HTML file. If anybody has info or the proper method to achieve this I would be thrilled! Many Thanks.


    @NSR What is it that you’re trying to achieve?


    @NSR What I JUST finished doing was redirecting IE users to a specific html page (except IE9 and IE10). All other browsers that try to go to that page will be redirected to the main site. Is this what you’re trying to do?

    Take a look at this in IE8:

    The following code redirects all IE versions below IE9 to a certain page. This would obviously go in your head section of your normal site.


    @NSR What versions of IE do you want to show that html page to? The snippet above will redirect all IE versions below IE9 to the specified URL of your choice. Just make sure to change my URL to yours.


    @NSR – It shouldn’t matter where you put the IE redirect page. But for easy use, put it in the same directory. Make sure you add a redirect back to your main site if the user HAS IE9 or above (or another browser) so that people don’t directly access the page when they aren’t supposed to.


    @NSR Sorry…but with a single page site, why on earth would you need another ‘just IE’ page?

    Secondly, some people are weird and like IE….nagging at them will make them NOT want to visit your site.

    In short, just let people with ‘older’ browsers be and they’ll get the experience they are happy with/used to.

    Nobody likes being nagged at.


    @NSR You would put the snippet I posted above in your main page. That redirects IE users (IE8 and below) to the IE page. It doesn’t matter where your IE page is as long as you link to it correctly.

    Now on your IE page you would post the following to redirect all other browsers and IE9+ to back to your main page because they don’t need to see this.

    If our analytics show that we do not have a substantial IE user base for those versions, it really doesn’t matter (especially for a portfolio site). It’s you, the developers, that are being nagged by having to develop for browsers that are not adhering to standards.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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