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    Hi, I know this is probably a relatively easy problem, but I’m trying to have multiple links highlight on mouseover and I wasn’t sure of the best way of going about it. Is JS necessary?

    For reference, here’s a site that uses it:



    I’m sorry, I tried a number of different ways of getting it to work, but couldn’t seem to.

    You mean that in the style sheet I would put something like


    #abouttop a.aboutbelow:hover{

    Or something else entirely? Thanks.


    Man, I feel like a dummy, but I forgot to mention that I’m not looking to remotely highlight images (like that site) but simply cause the hover of one link to also cause the hover of another link simultaneously.

    So, if I had #box, I’d make it position:relative, and if the link in the nav bar I’d make absolute, as well as the link in the body of the page?

    Maybe I should just stick with JS, haha.


    I know this post is old but for anyone with a bit of time their hands, how do you get the above code to also make link1 show hover state when you hover over link2?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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