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    So i am working on a template for a wiki.

    And something realy strange happened. I cant tell at which pint, but some links changed colours, but as i looked it up with firefoxtool and firebug the calculated value was another colour.

    The Example for 2 links is here

    Both links have the same active styles and states.(The violetlike colour is not in the css managing havor/active etc. it would just underline them )
    I pasted only the “active”/”used” Styles shown in firebug to codepen.
    So Firebug/Firefox tell me the colour is #ee7100/rgb(238, 113, 0) where it is obviously not for the “Registrieren” link. The other link is fine. This is just an example and happened in another menue too.

    So i tryed removing the colour styles for the links. And what happened is this.

    So the correct link changed colours to default and the corrupted link stayed that way.
    So does anyone have an idea?
    Help very much appreciated
    Thank you


    Are you talking about the:visited state?
    More info on styling links

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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