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    Line height doesn’t work… I even try doing line-height:8px for testing purposes but, noticed it doesn’t work inside that span block. I don’t know if it needs a p tag but, I don’t have control over that piece of code because is coming from a joomla extension.

    How can I fix the line height in this situation…
    Thanks in advanced for your time and help.

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    Three options: 1) use a div instead of a span, 2) add “display: block” to force it to act like a block element, or 3) add “display: inline-block” to make it act like an block element while continuing to flow inline alongside its sibling text (assuming there is sibling text).

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    I was able to edit the extension code and added a p tag between span… That worked.

    Thanks TreeRoot

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    Use inline-block if you want it on the same line

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