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    Does anyone use it and is it awesome?

    Apparently it creates really long selectors which affect performance, so you will have to manually edit them after using less.js to be more efficient.

    I’m just trying to find out if it’s even worth looking at.


    I use it a lot, but only for development / cut up. Save both template.css and template.less in my /stylesheets/ directory so that if I need to change something later, i have all the variables set up, I only do this because of my work place and the production environment doesn’t lend itself well with preprocessed CSS.

    If I could be the only one, ever, to touch the CSS, then LESS would be my only choice, ever, I love it that much.

    So I do what I said above, keeping both files, in the end it’s the .css that is read, not the less, unless you plan on using the LESS.js as your main “go to” in browser compiler, in which case, it’s awesome, but has that one pitfall….if js is disabled, then your CSS is not executed.

    All in all, it’s worth playing with. If you want to try out my personal “/base/” for using LESS (plus a grid I made using less) then download this ( user/pass: IC2010nd )

    My /base/ comes with CSS3Pie for IE, HTML ready (trunk.js for IE), and even a PNG transparency fix for IE6

    Let me know what you come up with :)

    ~ Chris


    So you are using LESS.js and CSS3Pie together? I want to do the same thing, but the CSS3Pie-declaration, behavior: url(, seems not to get included when LESS generates the CSS.

    If you have it working, I have to look over it again :)



    I faced the same issue at start. Even tried putting ../ in behavior:url() but of no use.

    When I checked the path for in IE, It shows as: folder/css/css/

    we reference LESS file with css/style.less
    Then behavior:url(css/ for .htc file.

    put the style.less & in same folder as HTML file. so the references would be “style.less” and “”. :)


    @jamy_za I just started learning it and I think it’s great! I even added less style page themes to AnythingSlider! I haven’t noticed any performance problems, but you basically have control of how long the selectors end up being.


    I know this is super old, but I’m going to comment anyways!

    I just got into SASS and am really digging it. I don’t think I’d ever want to do it client-side via Less.js.

    Taufik Nurrohman

    Is this really a JavaScript? So, if I disable the JavaScript it will make my blog so messy?

    Less.js is a JavaScript implementation of LESS that’s run by your web browser. As any JavaScript, you include a link to the script in your HTML, and…that’s that.


    @Hompimpa, we also have option to compile the .less file to a .css file.
    There are few compilers to do that job. (Eg. winLess)
    Coding wise, we can refer to stylesheet within noscript tag so your blog wont be messy even if javascript is disabled.

    Taufik Nurrohman


    We can refer to stylesheet within noscript tag…

    Then why do we use the preprocessor if then we also have to write the original CSS file for the non-enabled-javascript browsers? Preprocessor is not related to performance. Isn’t it? It’s only for the convenience in writing the syntax :(


    I love LESS and use it on all my projects. I use [phpless]( “PHPless”) to compile my less files, that or cokekit.

    I use it for its nesting, mixins and math capabilities.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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