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    @paulie_d its same as ie9 just hit f12 and select the documents and browser settings from the dev tools

    @watson90 that forces it to render as if it was IE8 open your dev tools in IE and see what documents mode its set too without that in the code.

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    @ToxicFire – Ahh, it was set to IE7 standards without the code in the header…

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    Glad it works but that META tag shouldn’t be really necessary — it’s like fixing the result whereas it would be better to fight the actual cause (if that makes any sense). There must be something in your code that makes it jump to IE7 mode, I’d look into that.

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    Looking at the http response headers from codepen, codepen forces X-UA Comptable to edge so would overide any X-UA Comptable meta tags on code pen
    forcing IE 9 to render as IE 9 the question is why is IE trying to render as 7 when its not been forced to IE9 ,

    IE tends to remember settings when you’ve selected a document’s standard manually, in my experience so try going to the site again in a fresh IE window and see if it still goes to IE 7 document standards, if it does it warrants further investigation cus the only thing making it do that should be X-UA Comptable headers or wether you’ve got some comptability settings in ie for that site.

    if your code is visible to the web throw ienetrender at it set to ie9 if it still looks like the ie7 version ya know its not just your ie thats doing it.

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    Hey guys,

    Well I have been just working statically without any server input and it doesn’t work.

    However, I have just dropped them files into a folder in XAMPP and it seems to be rendering fine now, do you think the problem could’ve stemmed from not having the page go through a (virtual) server.

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