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    i put

    function lazy_load_html() {


    in my functions.php to make use of the Lazy Load jquery stuff and it seemed to work fine.. but for what reason i dont know, its being weird.. example, im Chrome, two pictures which are visible without scrolling do not load until ANY movement of the scroll bar..

    and non of my pictures load in IE 8 until i scroll (any amount)

    is there some easy over all solution out there to implement this and not have to worry about my sites not working for some people?


    oh yeah, the url is


    Hi Mikeman!

    You didn’t share your HTML, so I’m only assuming that the img tags aren’t following the format suggested at the top of the lazyload plugin page:

    Latest version of Lazy Load is not a drop in replacement to your webpage. New browsers load image even if you remove the src attribute with JavaScript. Now you must alter your html code. Put placeholder image into src attribute of your img tag. Real image url should be stored data-original attribute.

    Also, I can’t find documentation on the “placeholder” option… it’s either been removed or replaced.

    And lastly, I really suck at php, but the code you shared just looks wrong to me. The script tags should be in the head of the document, not inside of a function.


    It looks like all of the images are loading for me, even the ones below the fold.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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