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    Ok please bare with me with this I have been struggling for a couple of days trying to figure out the best way to combat this problem I’ve been having. I’m going to try and explain in plain english as my coding knowledge is developing but not good enough to figure out what direction I need to go in.

    Now my site has a number of custom pages which are just basic content, now instead of linking to them individually I want to be able to create a layout page called pages.php or .html. The content within that page in a div called id=”container” will be dynamic. Now I’ve worked with a couple of AJAX scripts and I can load my custom page in this DIV but I want to be able to link to these pages from say the index.php page.

    I’ll try and explain better now, say for instance i have a link on the index page called How-it-works… (this being a custom page) I want to be able to click that link and then be taken to pages.php and that how-it-works page be present within the layout. I have seen a number of sites and scripts in the past where you can link through by typing something like pages.php?how-it-works and even pages.php#how-it-works but i cant think what the process is called and what to search for advice.

    If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it.. just a hint to what to search for would be much appreciated. My head is going to explode i think lol.

    In advance many thanks for advice and apologies for any confusion if my explanation isnt as good as it could be.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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