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    Hey there,

    I have this problem as i have a form on my page which i have placed into a table. Im using some php within the form also. I want to place a video to the right of this table so i that i could then switch to a div tag and use css. I tried using the .clear class but that doesn’t seem to work. Im also floating the video to the right. Then beneath this im trying to incorporate the jquery fading menu that Chris posted a while back. I have these things on my page but not layed out how i need them.

    Is it going to be easier to remove the table and place the form with in a div and then place my video in and then my fading menu?

    here is the link to the testing page:





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    Yeah, put your form in a div – tables are for data, not content! It will also make layout much easier.

    The problem you is you have is you used a table for half of your content, then divs for the other. So the table is taking up the entire width of the page then your divs are underneath it. You need to use divs for the whole content. It is a big step going from tables to pure CSS, but once you’ve got it your life will be a lot easier.



    Thanks ill take the road of css then.

    I just didn’t want to spend hours trying it to find out that it wouldn’t work

    Im on it like bee’s to honey

    Ill keep you all posted on the progress.

    You think i should come up with a design for placing the video with in, say like a bg image?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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