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    Hello to all,

    eSparkInfo recently launch a new website.

    My website is :

    I want to know suggestion on my website.



    Hi Cole, your site looks good, how did you get the linear gradients in for IE9?

    ps, I love the city skyline as the footer!


    The linear gradients made by image, so they work in almost of all browsers.


    Looks pretty messy to me. Not a fan, sorry.


    I’ll expand on Brighton’s comment…

    At first I thought messy… but it wasn’t messy that was bothering me, but rather it’s really “marketie” or maybe gimmicky. Everywhere I look there are massive stock images in my face with 100% guarantees, live chat boxes, and you’ve individually named literally every product/service/kitchen sink that has anything to do with graphic design, marketing, web development, seo, and app design.

    It just feels like this is a new branch of overmarketed Godaddy products than it does an actual design company. For example, your company states it can literally do anything under the sun, but when you look at the Team, it just says your company is full of a bunch of professionals from every walk of life. No names or profiles, and the Manager Team page is totally blank.

    Sorry if this just sounds harsh – I just think that I might pass you up as a potential client because it doesn’t feel personal or unique or authentic (such as the knee jerk reaction where you read 10 statements about how everything 100% awesome, you immediately distrust it).


    Hi, I can see you’re put a lot of work in so well done on that. However I think it looks a little dated, and like a template. I think you should be looking at a more modern look and feel… something like this:

    All the best!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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