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    Hey all…

    Just launched a new site that deals with ‘green’ cabinetry:

    It was a real fun site to make.

    Any feedback is welcome! Let me know if you see any real inconsistencies. FYI…no IE6 support! :o


    its a nice design. one thing i would say is, a user will have no idea what the site is really about unless they scroll down to the bottom. websites are all about trying to get the most important information to the visitor as quickly as possible. try and make the key stuff at the top, and make it noticeable.

    anyways, the design is really nice. love the grass cross section effect for the footer.


    Thanks for the input. I do try to keep things ‘above the fold’ but this design just seem to work this way for now. I think in the future, I will be cropping the banner pictures and make room for header text. It’s definitely going to be a site that keeps growing (no pun intended). :)


    Look really sweet, good job with that edits to defults. I really like your choice of colors.

    Check out my site. I used some the slider trick.


    Ok, I really like the site, but I have some suggestions.

    First off I would change the layout, your main content section to me, felt like a footer, you should place your text where you have the big image on each page, why not just have a smaller image.

    I think your menu should be changed in that the roll-over effect could be improved. Why not change the background colour of section being rolled-over?

    Again I like the design, and with a few tweaks it could be a truly great site!


    Hi all,

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback, as usual!

    Lots of changes here. I did end up adding text to the banner picture…although I don’t want to change the rest of the layout since I’ve received some great feedback from users. Aside from that, added a cool Jquery plugin for the specials (although it doesn’t degrade well and I am working on a solution) and modified the menu bar.

    To tom: I tried making the navbar have a bit more ‘pop’ but it seemed simplicity ruled in this particular case, although I did add some accoutremon’, if you will.

    Eventually, the client will have the actual cabinets for sale w/pictures on the site, but she’s just starting out and doesn’t have the budget for that quite yet.

    Any more positive/negative feedback is very much appreciated!


    It’s not my thing to comment on the aesthetics of the site (though it looks fine to me :) ) I’ll leave that to people better qualified.
    But if I were a potential customer looking for a "green" cabinet I would want to know how geographically close to me is this company. From the website I can surmise that it is somewhere in the English speaking world, but as far as I can see I would have to get in touch just to find out which hemisphere it is in!

    It aint called the World Wide Web for nothin’. :D


    I really like the graphics. Great work.

    "Luminated" wrote:
    I did end up adding text to the banner picture…

    I think that was a wise move, although the text isn’t very noticeable.

    Along these lines, I think the only cretique I have is that I don’t know what to look at. The grass attracts my attention immediately, but there’s no message there. There isn’t really an "attention getter" that delivers a message. It’s not "bad"; maybe that’s what you want.

    "tomwalters5678" wrote:
    …your main content section to me, felt like a footer, …

    Now that you mention it, I totally agree (and a beautiful footer it would be), but I don’t know if a totally redesign is necessary. It’s definitely a "different" design.

    Thanks for posting,
    Ashton Sanders


    You did a very good job with your new site. I am a big fan of the design that you chose. Also, having a green site is going to make it even more popular. Seems like your site has potential.

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