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    I wanted to show the world and mainly you CSS-Tricks guys the latest version of my website:

    I will keep it short: Portfolio website for my father, who is a very skilled architect – so opinons (bear in mind – first ever full website) suggestions and etc.
    (I meant the site to be in minimalistic style)
    I am trying to do a couple of projects before I do a portfolio of mine so I can actually put nice
    content in it. I am practicing alot of Photoshop right now for all the future projects.

    I am having some problems with Google as you can imagine … as I had the website on a test domain, but the old links still appear in the index. Also, all the html pages of the site are indexed separately, so it doesn’t properly appear as only

    Any advice on that matter also greatly appreciated.

    On to you :)


    So far I noticed that when hovered over the logo, it has a brief disappearance to load another image to change color. In this case you should use a sprite and that will eliminate the problem.

    Edit: Also, I would bump up your copyright inline with your date stamp and Design by V. Garbev. I would also add space below that so it doesn’t bump against the bottom of the browser.


    Point taken. Definitely going to use your feedback :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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