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    Hi folks, at full browser width the last-child selector works and removes the right border from the last li element. At 640px width the navigation gets arranged on 2 lines. What I’d like to accomplish is to remove border from third li of first line also. I am trying with different variations of nth-child to no avail. Thanx. BTW. This the first time I am getting acquainted with those type of element properties.

    [Here’s . .]( “”) reduced case of it

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    :nth-child(3) should do it for just the 3rd element, or :nth-child(3n) will work for every 3rd element

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    @ChrisP, thanx, darn it, I knew that should be able to do that and I did tried that one and it didn’t work for me. The reason was I had a space between child and (3)

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