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    I’m creating a site that has a large background image.

    I decided to slice the image in photoshop and save as html and images then brought into dreamweaver.

    I need to add text on top of this image so I tried to make it (the background) a div but when I add the next div for my text it’s obviously going below the previous background div.

    SOOO… I just decided to at the text into the TD how ever I will eventually need to add a video in the lighter part of the layout. And there will be another page with a similar but different background and I really don’t feel TDs will work for that second page.

    You can see what i did so far here:

    I had another idea but haven’t got it to work quite right yet. Instead of slicing into like 18 smaller sections in photoshop and saving at html and images, I’ve sliced the image up into 3 main slices. Header, Video (middle part of image) and bottom where the logo and my text will go. I can this add each image into a div along with say the video and text for the bottom div.

    Is this second way better than the first way? I’ve never had to use such a large background image before and I want it to load reasonably fast.

    Any ideas?!?!



    Both aren’t good ideas. Make a div for whatever you need, and set the image as the background of the div. Do not use tables.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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