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    Hello awesome people,

    I am working this website:

    and I am trying to keep the Donation Button on a hover state all the time, or change the background color.

    I tried to target the sub-menu but It always effect the whole menu.

    Can I target a specific without effect the rest of menu?

    Thank you.


    Donation Button on a hover state all the time

    That doesn’t make any sense and would confuse users.

    However if you want to indicate that it’s on by default (which as I said, I would not recommend as it would lead people to believe that they are on the Donate page) you would need to target the specific span in the li (which has an ID) like this

    #menu-item-1324  span.main_text {
    background-color: #6c2d01;

    I think that would do it.


    I apologize for the confusion, I can no longer edit my post.

    Paulie_D: Thank you for the reply;

    My intention is to make the Donate Button different from normal links ( I want to change the background to a different color).

    What do you suggest? for a donation button?

    thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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