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    Justifying a site redesign for an ecommerce website. I seriously think we need a redesign, but it’s difficult for me to articulate to non-technical people “Why” we need to.

    Would anyone be able to take a look at my site at:

    And just give me some very solid points to make for a site redesign.

    I’ve mocked up a test scenario that I believe would look great (with some more tweaks, nowhere near finished):

    What do you think? Why do we need a site redesign? How can a better design translate into more sales?



    I think you could mix up the typography better. I do love Open Sans but it doesn’t have to be overused. Crete Round is a great typeface but I don’t think it works here. I’d try a different slab altogether and mix into more areas.

    Also, do you really need to duplicate some of the links in the main nav with the ones just below it? I would condense that down or even remove the bottom and somehow incorporate it in the top (dropdown perhaps?).

    I have to say it’s a vast improvement overall. Good work.


    The pitch really needs to be aimed at marketing and sales. You want to explain how web technology has evolved and its important to keep a clean look and branding to make sure every click is associated with a positive experience. keeping people coming back for more.

    The old design is cluttered; its a strategy and design that is dated and overloaded with content and ads that literally make a computer user’s eyes shift convulsively as they search for what they want.

    Then tell the story of why your new design is better. The products featured on the landing page are promotions to draw customers further in and then related purchases can be found on the inner product pages. But overall this layout tells the story of the brand allows customers to see what is new and hot, and more easily guides them to what they want with less clicks, and we all know less clicks equals more purchase.

    I am not sure how big you guys are or what your management structure is, but you need to make the hard case with statistics and project how this design will increase sales or ease of use. You can also pitch on the operations side and explain how this new layout might streamline how the operations team might manage the workflow of their content for the site

    Marketing: What you say is 4 times more important than how you say it… so clean up the layout to take any distractions away.

    Sales: Cleanliness leads to less clicks which leads to more sales

    Then there is always the… “Just trust me” card.


    87.02% of our visitors are non-mobile, and 12.98% of our visitors are mobile (and growing).

    The most popular devices are iPads, iphones, and Galaxy S3’s.

    (According go GA)

    I’ve heard, time and time again, from our Sales people that our customers do not like our current mobile site. A lot of them are contractors out in the field, and it’s very convenient for them to navigate to our website and just purchase what they need & be done with it.

    That’s the goal: Make it simple, make it stream lined, make it so the customer has the easiest (and best) experience possible.

    Kitty Giraudel

    Easy enough.

    13% of your visitors are mobile users. Serving these people a mobile-friendly version of your site will increase chances they buy your stuff.


    “The design is rather cluttered and distracting/confusing for those people who have no idea about our product. Since we want to translate into more sales, it would be easier for less tech-savvy prospects to have a more ergonomic and intuitive design. Many customers have a very short attention span and tend to skip to the next site if it takes them more than a few seconds to figure it out. This can cause them to rather jump to a competitor’s site if it’s more convenient to use and look at.”


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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