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    Okay I have learned the basics of Javascript now that I thought I knew the basics I set my sights on a old JS problem but it is Jquery..

    Is JQuery a lite version of javascript?

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    It’s a JS library.

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    …and Java is completely unrelated.

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    The word “Java” in Javascript was borrowed from Java due to it’s popularity at the time. So basically it was a marketing decision. The two aren’t related aside from both being C-styled languages.

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    As @jamy_za & @traq Javascript was created by netscape and is not related to java. As @GMB mentioned Jquery is a library for javascript like many others including, mootools, prototype, dojo etc. It literally is javascript but allows you to use a shorter modified syntax to execute javascript w/ out having to worry about cross browser differences or long dot notation.

    There is also coffee script that is gaining popularity now. This is basically a new syntax for writing javascript. But is compiled into regular js for use unlike the above libraries.

    If you know regular Javascript it will be easy to pick up any of these libraries.

    Hope that helps!


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