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    Leonhard Ortner

    Hello Guy,

    after 1 month full of Videos starting with: “Hello Guys this is Chris…” ;), i started to build a Website with WordPress from Scratch.

    What i used:
    Wordpress (latest)
    WooCommerce (latest)
    and pretty much any info on ;)

    The Probem occours on that Site: Weingut-Auer

    First Problem:

    When you first load the site, u see an “+” and an “-” at the Form… “In den Warenkorb”, but after you use the slider to get another Winedescription and “BuyButton” the “+” and “-” disappers…

    I think this is releated to WooCommerce they use JQuery UI – (or so?) to add these Buttons… and when i change the content via AJAX these JQueryUI want add anything…

    Second Problem:
    When you use the Slider to fast my Ajax-Calls are to slow… u see what i mean when und test this out.

    Could someone point me in the right direktion?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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